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Step into my world where creativity meets expertise, and let’s bring your digital dreams to life with cutting-edge backend development services in Lahore.

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Welcome to my digital realm! I am Waqas Yousaf, a seasoned backend developer based in Lahore, Pakistan. With over 12 years of expertise in PHP, HTML5, and JavaScript, I specialize in bringing your web development ideas to life with a blend of creativity and precision.

Throughout my career, I have successfully crafted numerous web applications using Core PHP, CodeIgniter, and Laravel frameworks. My dedication to excellence has led me to create functional and innovative digital solutions for clients worldwide. Let’s make your web development dreams a reality together!

What I Offer


Backend Development

Experience expert backend development services using PHP (Core, CodeIgniter, Laravel) with a touch of creativity and years of expertise.

PHP (Core, CI, Laravel)
Advanced Backend Solutions
Expertise u0026 Innovation Combined

Web Application Design

Create stunning web applications that showcase the perfect blend of design aesthetics and functional excellence to captivate your audience.

Aesthetic Designs
User-Centric Functionality
Engaging User Experiences

SPA – Single Page Apps

Enhance the functionality of your web applications with the latest HTML5 and JavaScript technologies for a seamless user experience.

Typescript Templating
Seamless User Experience
Cutting-Edge Technologies

Featured Work

Easy Cloud Manager

Cloud Duplicate Finder

Easy Tweet Deleter

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